Lessons to learn locally

A comparative case study of two international business programmes at UCN

  • Anna Hammershøy UCN


This paper aims to provide insight into and compare the existing Internationalisation at Home (IaH) practices in two international business programmes offered by University College of Northern Denmark (UCN), to this end analysing both their formal and their informal curricula (Leask, 2009; 2016). This comparative case study relies on qualitative data collection methods. Its findings show that the faculty is committed to internationalisation, but lacks a holistic IaH vision and consistent IaH practices. The paper offers practical suggestions for enhancing the programmes’ IaH activities within the existing curricular structures. The suggestions could be applied to other international programmes at UCN or to other university colleges (professionshøjskoler) in Denmark.

Hammershøy, A. (2020). Lessons to learn locally. UCN Perspektiv, (8), 17-25. https://doi.org/10.17896/UCN.perspektiv.n8.437